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How It Works?

The advertised Merchant uses Red Click’s technology to advertise on thousands of websites of our Affiliate network and pays only when a sale that came through the advertising is made:

  • The adverts of the products and services of your shop appear on the websites of our Affiliates’ network. Red Click selects its affiliates very carefully, as for the quality and content of their websites, to safeguard the reputation of your company as well.
  • A visitor on an Affiliate’s website, sees the advertising of the product or service that you chose to advertise.
  • The visitor clicks on the advert and is automatically redirected to your own website, where he or she can purchase the product that was being advertised or any other product from your online shop.
  • When the user completes the purchase this is recorded as a successful transaction and then, and only then, the merchant will pay for the advertising. The cost of the advert is a commission, calculated as a percentage of the net value of the product (not including VAT and shipping) that you will decide. You can set the commission percentage that you will pay, based on the profit margin that you have for each product.
  • If the visitor does not complete the purchase from your e-shop the first time they visit your website, his/her identity will be stored for 15 days (as IP address and cookies). If the user returns to your website and completes the purchase within 15 days, then you will know that your advert was successful and resulted to a sale.

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