1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a widespread advertising method with direct and measurable results. The "Affiliate" places web banners or simple text links on their website and advertises the products and services of the Merchant. When a visitor of that website clicks on the advert, he/she is redirected to the online shop of the Merchant where he/she can complete the order of the product or service. For every successful purchase the Affiliate receives a pre-agreed commission on the net value of the product.

2. Why is Affiliate Marketing so revolutionary?

Because the advertiser pays only when a sale is made. Contrary to the typical advertising methods where the advertiser pays fixed costs, without knowing if the advert will be successful or if it will bring sales, with the Red Click platform the merchant is charged only when a sale is made. The return on advertising investment has a guaranteed result, multiplying the sales revenue of the company.

3. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are stored on the internet browser in order to improve the user experience when visiting a page, such as the way the page is displayed, the username, the products that someone adds to the shopping cart on an e-shop etc. When a user visits a website and clicks on advert of our network, then a cookie is stored on his/her computer or mobile device. If the user does not complete the purchase at that time, but returns to the website the next day of next week for example, then this cookie will help identify the user and the purchase will be successfully recorded by the Red Click platform. The lifetime of a cookie is up to 15 days, which means that is the sale is made within that timeframe it will be recorded successfully.

5. Do you offer some training programme for Affiliates and Merchants?

Yes, you can find a lot of advice and educational material about affiliate marketing in your control panel, or by contacting your Affiliate Manager for any further questions that you might have.


1. How can I become a subscriber and advertise my products and services?

You can register through our website. Then we will guide you through the rest of the steps so you can create your advertising banners what will be placed on our Affiliates’ websites.

2. I don’t have an online shop, but I’m interested. What can I do?

Our sister company eShop Makers can take full responsibility in creating your online shop at very competitive prices. eShop Maker’s expert team consists of graphic designers, programmers and marketing professionals with extensive experience in promoting online shops and will be there to support the growth of your business with whatever you need.

3. How many products can I advertise at the same time?

There is absolutely no limit about how many products you can advertise at the same time. The more products you advertise the more chances you have in making sales, without having to worry about the cost of the advertising, since you only pay when you make a sale.

4. How can my advert be more effective and bring more sales?

There are various things that you can do in order to make your advert more successful. Products that are on a special offer tend to be more appealing to customers. Another important element is to design an advert that is attractive. Red Click’s creative team can arrange the design of your adverts at a low cost. By experience, we suggest that you renew your advertising campaign about once a month with a new offer.

5. How much does it cost to advertise?

There is absolutely no cost to advertise. You will only pay when the advert brings a sale. The amount that you will pay is a commission on the sale that you will determine, based on the profit margin of each product and it is calculated on the net value of the product (not including VAT or shipping costs). The higher the commission that you offer, the more appealing it becomes for the affiliate to chose your advert for their website. For every new advertiser there is a low €50 one-off refundable fee for the setup of your account as a special offer (regular price €350). When the adverts start bringing sales, then first €50 that you would normally have to pay as commission will be covered by this amount that you already paid during registration.

6. Where will my advert appear?

Your advert will appear on the websites of our Affiliate network. Red Click chooses its affiliates very carefully in order to safeguard the quality and reputation of your company.


1. How do I create an Affiliate account?

It is very easy to create an affiliate account. Just visit the Registration Form and fill in the necessary information. An Affiliate Manager will quickly review your request and you will receive an e-mail with your password and other useful information so you can start right away.

2. What is the cost to become an Affiliate?

There is absolutely not registration or setup fee to become an Affiliate. It is absolutely free and additionally you will soon start earning money from the commissions.

3. What do I need to become an Affiliate?

Ideally you should have your own website so you place the adverts of the merchants. Apart from the website, you could also promote the Merchant’s products and services through posts on online forums or through social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) or by sending emails to friends or associates. It is important that you use the specific link that will be provided by the Red Click platform, so that any purchase that is made on the online shop will be registered under your account.

4. What tools and how much control do I have?

As an Affiliate, you will have your own control panel where you can see detailed statistics of the traffic and sales that you generate, news and educational material, as well as a selection of banners and text links of the advertised Merchants that you can freely use as you like. Through the control panel, you can also find the affiliate links, banners, and text links that you must place on your website so that the adverts appear.

5. Can I promote the products through search engines?

YES! You can promote the products and services through pay-per-click type advertising on search engines. In fact, this type of promotion is becoming more and more popular and some of our affiliates are already promoting products this way and making money. People can make a lot of money by promoting other people’s products. Why not you?

6. Who are the Affiliates?

Our Network’s affiliates are usually owners of websites on various areas of interest. Some examples are news websites, hobby or special interest websites, blogs, company websites etc. Our network does not allow websites of inappropriate content and each affiliate is carefully evaluated and approved by the Red Click team.

7. How much income can an Afflialate make?

There is absolutely no limit as to the money you can earn from advertising. The more sales the merchants make because of the advertising on your website, the more income you have.

8. How do I choose what to advertise on my website?

You can advertise any product, service or online shop you like on your website, by choosing from the Red Click platform. We suggest that you choose products or services that are more relevant to the audience of your website. For example, if have a website about fishing, then it would be ideal to advertise products that have to do with fishing. This way you increase the chances to make sales and also keep the content of your website relevant to the interests of your visitors.

9. How often can I change the adverts that I’m hosting?

As often as you like. If your website supports it, you can even programme it so that the adverts rotate automatically. If you notice that one of the adverts is more successful than another, you can even choose for that advert to appear more frequently than the others.

10. Why choose Red Click and not another advertising network?

Red Click gives you the unique advantage that the income you have is a percentage on the net value of the products that are sold through the advertising, contrary to other advertising networks that only pay a few cents per click on the adverts. So with Red Click the more expensive the product is, the more commission you make. When you choose which products to advertise though, do not just take price as a factor but also the relevance of the product compared to your website and according to the type of your visitors.

11. Can I also host other adverts outside the Red Click network?

Of course you can and there is no limitation. One of the most popular advertising networks is Google Adsense, but this only offers a few cents per click on each adverts and not a percent on the value of sales, like Red Click does. This means that the potential earnings by advertising through Red Click are much higher compared to other networks.


1. How will I know that I will get paid for my referral?

Red Click is based on a world renowned Affiliate Marketing platform that guarantees accurate attribution of referrals so that the user is properly identified and the sale that is made because of the advert is correctly recorded. In order to record the referrals, the platform uses a sophisticated combination of cookies and IP address, in order to track referrals as accurately as possible.

2. How does the referral tracking work?

When a visitor clicks on an affiliate link or an advert to enter the website of the online shop, the system registers the visit and leaves cookies on the computer. When the visitor pays for the product, the affiliate system checks for cookies (and if not found, then it searches to match the IP address) and credits the account with the pre-agreed commission of each product. This process is fully automated and all of your referrals will be duly registered. Our system is already used by thousands of existing online shops and affiliates around the world.

3. How do I receive payouts?

You will receive payouts through your PayPal account. Payments are made in Euro (€) and processed once a month, on the 15th of each month. The minimum amount for for a payout is €100.